Thursday, May 31, 2012

More useful technology integration ideas

Skype in the Classroom - Skype is a web-based program that allows computer-phone calling (at a much more affordable rate), or free computer-computer calling in realtime, all using the marvels of the Internet.  In addition to voice calls, it allows for voice conferencing between several people at once, and even video conferencing.  Another great feature is the ability to send files.  I hope to use it for my Religion and Social Studies classes this year in some capacity.  Wish me luck!

Skype in the Classroom Expands Resources with Addition of New
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Dropbox -  Dropbox is an amazing online storage system.  Users can upload their files and access them on any computer with Internet connectivity.  When your computer connects and updates, it saves a local copy of the files, which act as another storage drive on your computer.  Any chances made to files is updated on the server.  It's a great resource to share and edit documents among multiple users.

iTunesU -  I am very interested in trying this out, and hope to do so within the next few weeks.  Stay "tuned" for an update!  :D

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